Contraption Attractions 

While listening to the radio one day I heard about a desk that could transfer from standing, to sitting, to fully reclined. Ears perking up I imagined this contraption potentially helping me and others get back (pun intended) to increased productivity. 

Sit to stand apparatuses help but I run out of steam after an hour at very best. The reclining option would potentially open up a number of possibilities. 

I know most such inventions are simply out of my price range and, perhaps, difficult to accommodate. Still, images of writing, taking courses, gaining time I could spend productively flashed through my mind. 

“This invention is for the laziest people ever,” the DJ followed up with. He and his cohorts went on discussing how lazy a person would have to be to work in a reclined position. 

Tears slid down my cheeks uncontrollably as I processed the perception and judgment this group made. Rationally I knew they just didn’t understand. Ignorance. It still hurt.

My point is, before mocking an invention, before assuming things about the potential consumer, think broadly. Think carefully. Think sensitively. 

Not everything is what it seems at first glance. Keep an open mind and an open heart as empathy is the key to peace and inclusion. 


BTW I wrote this piece in a reclined position and I’m glad I was able to.

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