Perfectionsts’ Nightmere” 

I me a perfectionist. It is driving me bonkers to see some many errrrrors and not collect them, exspecially be cause I’m going to pubic this without editing first.

Pic of me thincing”Holy Feck, cannot beleave im publitinng such carp!”

Thats Wright today’s post will look like it was written buy the same drunk monkey who edited the 3nd bok in tha 50 Shades of Tripe. Trillahgee…

I am doing this excision at the re=commendation of my therapist. He says I should slack off a bit and let a few Miss Takes slide buy. Hew ants me to see thatv I do have toobe perfect all the time. 

On a scale from one to ten this excursions case is about an ate as far as anxiety introduction goes. I obsess over corrections and edit again and again until I feeeeeel it’s just rite. Even then I know I’ve likely missed an erection or two”.

But eye can do this. The world will not end if theres a ding-a-ling participle somewhere

Or a misspelled word, an incorrectly structured paraglider, or laughable compunction

I can go back to editing next:  post four4 now I gust I’ll revel in the “freedom” that “is is” not giving a frying fuck!


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