Body Image: Caveat This MF!

Oh goodie! I’m allowed to have stubborn fat around my midsection if I’m a woman who’s had children, says the advertising campaign for a popular breakfast cereal. Well thank goodness there’s finally an allowance for less than perfection, and such a generous one too. 

It’s easy to look in magazines or at billboards and get discouraged by the sheer volume of mass marketed perfection. Finally I can rest easy knowing if I’ve worked my ass off for years trying to fight a predisposition for pudge I needn’t worry because I’ve given birth. But wait! I haven’t. I guess all of us who hoped our hard work would at last be enough better get our asses back to the gym because we sure as hell don’t qualify. 

I’m tired of mass media telling me what perfection looks, tastes, smells, and feels like. I am more than enough and I don’t need some marketer telling me I finally qualify because of their latest supposed fucking loophole!

Unfortunately my revolution isn’t likely to make it round the bend before being cock-blocked by the establishment. But I can stand proud and let this moment of truth ring clear. 

Perhaps if enough of us begin our own quiet revolutions society will finally realize status quo is boring and diversity is what really counts.


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