Monk and My Mental Health 

During a particularly difficult time in my life, when I first began having severe panic attacks and felt completely off kilter, I came across the TV show Monk, starring Adrian Shalhoub and I fell in love.

Shalhoub plays an incredible detective with severe OCD. His rituals and nervous manner are nearly completely debilitating but somehow he manages to find the help and strength he needs to make it out the door and do brilliant work that changes lives.

Shalhoub does an incredible job of playing the quirks up without over acting and brings out an intensely vulnerable and human element at the same time.

I would binge watch episodes on Netflix until they broke my heart and pulled the show 1 or 2 seasons before I’d seen the end. I missed the show dreadfully. More than a person should really miss a TV show but that’s neither here nor there.

The show meant so much to me mainly because the character, Monk, made me feel like my struggle with mental illness might have some silver lining. For instance, I realized my sensitivity allows me to empathize with most individuals no matter their demeanor. I also am able to transfer my anxiety and depression into intense creative undertakings.

Monk made me feel like I might be able to be highly functional in society despite my mental health problems. I felt like I wasn’t alone.

Recently I saw Adrian Shalhoub guest starring on a different show and tears immediately sprung into my eyes.😭 I was so happy to see him but saddened by thinking about that particularly difficult time.

After my tears subsided I vowed to pay tribute to Shalhoub and the character he breathed so much wonderful life into. I feel this creative non-fiction peice of writing is the perfect way to show my appreciation. So thank you Monk and thank you Adrian Shalhoub your show had a profound influence on my life and I can say that about precious few TV shows.❤


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