Uplifting BS

I always try to end my blog entries with something uplifting, some pithy advice, or lip service to how I’ve turned my day around.😀

The truth is I haven’t the foggiest, fucking idea what I’m talking about. Some days after my day’s been uplifted and turned around I cry and berate myself worse than it would be were I locked in Trump’s office and having him call me a fat-pig-slob repeatedly for days on end.

In the interst of honesty I just wanted to clear that up.


4 thoughts on “Uplifting BS”

    1. I just felt like I’d finish a blog with some uplifting drivel, post, and promptly burst into tears. While I want to talk about what works for me and focus on the positive it doesn’t always feel authentic. I have chosen to value honesty the most, especially with this blog, so I feel compelled to tell it like it is for me.
      I think you, for sure, also write in a similar manner and it’s just so great to read.
      Take care,

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