What are the Consequences of Destigmatizing Mental Illness ?

I have put myself out there. Out there into the ether of cyberspace, never to be reeled back in. I’ve laid myself, my psychee, bare for all to see and what’s true about me is nowhere near perfect or ‘normal’. Whatever normal means I’m not it.

This is me. I am more than my depression and anxiety. 

So far nothing negative has come of my blogging, in fact overall it’s been a great cathartic adventure, but I have this niggling worry. What if in the future I am judged for this writing and perhaps denied a job or prejudiced against in some other manner? Unfortunately the stigma surrounding mental illness is still alive and well and I cannot predict possible outcomes stemming from the information I’ve revealed.

I suppose it’s too late to worry about what I’ve put out into the world already. I cannot unbake this cake and, to be honest, I don’t want to. Despite the potential negative possibilities I’ve decided I want to keep communicating and expressing myself via the blog medium.

The more people join the conversation and share their experiences, the closer we get to smashing the stigma surrounding mental illness. I encourage others to become soldiers in the growing army raising awareness about the importance of mental health. Let’s hold our heads high and show the world we are so much more than an illness to be judged.


4 thoughts on “What are the Consequences of Destigmatizing Mental Illness ?”

  1. I wish more people had an attitude like yours. I actually found it quite inspiring to read this. You’re aware of the consequences of some stumbling across your blog and treating you differently because of it and yet you will continue to write all the same.

    I feel similarly. There may be some risk involved with having a blog and displaying the content I do, but I could not care less if someone I don’t know disapproves of it. It’s because you make a valid point at the end of your post. What we are all doing on here is important work, and in many ways it surpasses the importance of each of our own individual lives.

    It will take years, but we are all contributing to making a better future for those who suffer with any form of mental illness.

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad to know there are others out there with similar mindsets. I will keep fighting the good fight until such a time as it’s no longer nessasary. Good to know you’re on the same team😊

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