My name is Kim Perkins. I have been writing this blog for the past two years and have created more than 100 different posts regarding;  Depression, anxiety, chronic pain, grief, social phobias, guilt, feminism, creativity, art, and compassion.IMG_20180519_174854_413.jpg

My hope is to help smash the stigma surrounding disability, mental illness, and chronic pain. I also wish to offer my personal stories that those with similar issues might relate to and stories that might help loved ones understand these conditions better.

This blog has also brought me a sense of catharsis and given me back an outlet for my lifelong love of writing. I have been writing both fiction and non since early childhood and graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology,’s Journalism Arts program is 1999.

Over the years I have written for various small newspapers and magazines. I wrote a fictional children’s book about curling in 2008 called, The Adventures of Trefor the Curling Rock. The book is available through I also wrote a popular blog for the Canadian Curling Association for about 4 years called, House Calls, featuring information useful to beginners and intermediates in curling.

In 2012, after enduring repeated and worsening injuries to my ankle and back since 2005, I finally had to hang up my curling shoes and leave my dream job running a curling club and teaching curling to adults and children. It still breaks my heart that I had to leave to focus solely on treatment of severe chronic pain, mental illness, and learning to lead a full life with my disability.

With my new light-weight laptop and adjustable lap desk I am able to write while resting on a heating pad. This personal disability-conducive set up has made me confident I can now pursue writing again which is such a deep relief❤

Since my injuries my other most cherished activity is art. I practice every single day and I can’t imagine ever giving it up, I’m hooked. I work mainly with acrylic ink, acrylic, pencil crayons, ink, and alcohol ink. I also enjoy mixed media. I occasionally feature my artwork on my blog but it can more reliably found under the hashtag #kimperkinsart on both Twitter and Instagram or on my public Facebook page under Kim Perkins.


This is a recent piece I did using alcohol ink as well as acrylic ink

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my husband Anthony and cat Rafe.

If you’ve questions, concerns, comments, complaints or suggestions please don’t hesitate to comment or DM.

Thank you,

Kim Perkins