Why PerKreations?


I’m often asked about the name of my blog, “what does it mean?” “How do I pronounce it?”

The word, PerKreations, is a Portmanteau of my last name, Perkins, and the word, creations. (Perk)ins + C(reations) = PerKreations. Also, the P and the K are capitalized as they happen to be the initials of my first and last names backwards, I am Kim Perkins.

The name is important to me as it doesn’t focus on my disabilities;┬ásevere chronic pain, depression, anxiety, it focuses on how I identify with creativity.

Creativity plays such an important role in my life and enriches my experiences in so many wonderful ways I feel writing this blog is another creative outlet . I want to show others how creativity is in all if us if we look for it. Being creative doesn’t mean one must draw or write or paint, creativity is approaching life with an open mind, asking questions, and believing there’s more than one way to complete a task.

I want this endeavour to be an outlet that satisfys my need to always be centered around getting to know myself better, sharing information about my struggles and strengths in order to show others they’re not alone, understanding my disability and smashing surrounding stigmas, and always remembering I can and must bring my creativity to whatever it is I do.



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